Corporate Events – Drumming Workshops with Respectful Beats, by Steve Benedetto

Corporate Events – Drumming Workshops

Looking for the perfect ice breaker for a big meeting? Want a unique corporate Team Building activity that will prove memorable? Trying to source an exhilarating corporate event that will inspire and boost team vitality? Drumming workshops provide all of that and more –especially when you choose Respectful Beats™.

We provide corporate drumming events that make the most of team building activities and encourage creativity. Our workshops aim to draw your group closer together, breaking up the boredom of regular corporate events and adding a splash of spice to your annual team building exercises. Corporate drumming helps your team to think outside of the box by encouraging both bonding and creativity simultaneously. The closer your group feels to their colleagues, the more that creativity flows.

Drumming with a Difference!

When you and your clients or associates choose to engage in our ergonomically designed corporate drumming workshops you will find an enjoyable experience that offers a platform upon which you can cultivate teamwork, develop business relationships, learn more about each other and discover and explore a variety of rhythmic beats that will get the ideas flowing. Corporate drumming is a team building activity with a difference: and drumming events are anything but boring!

Turn your corporate events into drumming events with Respectful Beats™, and watch your group flourish as they learn to work together to create something that is more wonderful than any one person would be able to create individually. Teach the value of teamwork and reap the rewards. Plus, enjoy the many health benefits of drumming, including lowered stress and blood pressure.

Drumming for Conferences and Promotional Purposes

Respectful Beats™ is pleased to announce that corporate drumming is available for all types of events, from promotional occasions to a sporadic, enthusiastic and different way to close your conference! Team building events, office outings and ice-breakers are all made easier when you invest in us. We even have experience in using drumming as a stress management technique, which makes fora brilliant way to break up the work day!

Why Choose Us?

We aim to forge ongoing partnerships with our clients, wherein we can return again and again to entertain associates or to build employee loyalty. We have years of experience in providing drumming workshops and have refined our technique until it has evolved into an experience you won't soon forget.

We use only the highest quality of well maintained equipment, and will happily provide one drum per team member. A fully trained drumming professional will then guide your group through a series of creative expressions, choreographed pieces, fun activities and more. Your group will be encouraged to 'compose' some work of their own – and our clients are always surprised by what they can create when they work together!

We provide an entertaining, specially crafted service that will change the way your associates and employees see your company – and the way you think about corporate events! With Respectful Beats nobody has to suffer through another boring corporate event ever again... Spice it up and add a little rhythm... your colleagues will thank you for it! Contact us now to get drumming!

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