Beat of a Drum - A Poem, by Steve Benedetto

Music is a therapy that seeks to comfort lonely hearts.
It encourages participation with its intricate parts.
Not asking for expertise, just a willingness to try.
Grab your sticks and swizzles to let the rhythms fly!

The power of drumming inspires us all to be more.
It encourages one and all to let creativity pour.
For some, the drum may be a different way to exercise.
And for all, the beats become such a wonderful surprise.

Drumming also helps a team become more unified.
It creates bonds of friendship and high levels of self-pride.
Create new energies from the power of an offered beat,
And you may find that the results are so very sweet!

Because each person has a rhythm that is residing deep inside.
Longing to spring forth with the drum serving at its guide.
Even a pair of hands can find this beat and its desire.
Come embrace your rhythms now and find your soulful fire.

Different drums create different sounds, enjoyed all around.
Watch as feet start tapping here and there, on the ground.
When you start some drumming, your spirit receives a boost.
With the love which comes from every beat your hands have produced.

Some find a rhythm that sounds out bright and fast.
Or maybe a slower tempo with echoes from the past.
Bring some syncopation, or let your arms just start to swing.
You will find the drums are waiting there to sing.

The power of a rhythm is witnessed time and time again.
Messages of hope which offers empowering moments to begin.
Allow the inspiration of the inner beat to run,
And you will find that drumming can be a lot of fun!

Anyone at any age can turn a page to find the power.
Whether your beats linger for a minute or they last for an hour.
Uniting one and all in various rhythmic harmonies.
Even if all you do is tap out a quick beat on your knees.

Come join us for a workshop or plan one for your brand.
Bring a drum, or bring yourself, for this venture grand.
Listen closely to the internal rhythms before they choose to fade.
Because that is the music of your soul wanting to be played.

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