Scheduling Repeated Entertainment for Your Senior Community, by Steve Benedetto

Many entertainers are hired back by senior communities and are considered a regular client of the facility.   Often though, it can be challenging to keep a group inspired if they have seen the same show repeatedly.  I would like to share with you 5 booking options for entertainment which will help you keep your residents more engaged.

1-3x per Week

This schedule is common for music therapists, who in addition to entertaining the residents might have other goals.  For example, a regular guitar therapist working with a group of 10 residents, might create a 6 week curriculum which at the end, would have 'x' result.  It could be residents taking less medication, better sleep, social involvement or noticeable coordination improvements.  In these cases CNA's are measuring any visible outcomes, noting it down and then reporting on it at the end of the 6 weeks.  The overall result of 'x' being an effective health/wellness integration with tangible results.  There can be several benefits of weekly sessions for the residents including recollection of the program content, structure (if it's a independent living situation) in addition to the health goals outlined by the therapist.  In addition to music therapy, there are other therapy integrations like art and pet therapy which might have similar scheduling.

1x per Month 

As a drummer working with seniors, I find this to be the ideal amount performing for the same group.  As loud as drumming can be, once per month is enough of a time to create a great program with minor tweaks to keep the content fresh for the residents.   Explore Saturday and Sunday options for entertainment as well. 

Every 3 Months

Jazz bands, vocal trios and magicians might fit into this category.  The goal being to entertain and have fun with the residents -not necessarily interacting with the performer ..more so just listening and watching.  

1 to 2x per Year 

A highly sought after national/international act with a higher cost.  It could be a famous saxophone player or a 50's cover band who travels around.  These acts are tougher to book because of the performers busy schedule and constant travel.  Might be a good place to start your year of booking with these acts since they fill up quickly and aren't as flexible.

Once a Year

A novelty group, like a barber shop quartet for Fourth of July or Christmas Carolers during the holidays...similar to above they would be booked well in advance since their niche is focused on a time of year where all retirement communities want them at the same time.  

Go for Variety!

Ideally, if your budget allows for it ...see if you can get a variety of acts using this approach.   Try to mix in the consistent acts with the bigger ones as early as possible and if your budget allows for it.  Might just be a good way to keep your residents engaged and excited for a variety of entertainment. 

Thank you for reading!

Looking for a new activity for your group?  Give us a try.  We do drumming with residents and have a lot of fun!  Here is our website:
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