Toca Freestyle Djembe Drum Review, by Steve Benedetto

In 2015, I began working extensively with senior citizens on an ongoing basis.  In doing many workshops since then, I've found there are many seniors who don't have the strength to play a drum or are physically immobile in some way.   This makes for a unique challenge to keep an elderly group engaged.  Trying many types of drums in these past workshops, I usually resort back to one particular drum...

Toca Freestyle Djembe  

This drum is my favorite for working with seniors.  The sound itself is not overly resonant, but I find it enough to get a good rhythm going - and combined with the other benefits, its a great drum for senior facilites.

Here are 4 reasons to use this drum with seniors:

1) It is Light 

The 7" diameter synthetic head and 12-1/2" tall, seamless synthetic shell create a comfortable weighted drum for most seniors to rest between their knees.   

2) It is Portable  

Unlike most larger djembe drums which are tough to transport and store, these drums can fit comfortably in a soccer ball bag.

3) Durability

I've had the same 20 Toca djembes since 2014 with little to no maintenance.  I do wipe them with disinfectant after each class and tighten the rope tuners to make sure they don't unwind.  Other than that, they have lasted without any damage.

4) Cost 

These aren't expensive compared to other authentic drums of the same origin.  You can get them on Amazon for around $40 and I've included a link at the end of the article to purchase one.

The nice thing is that Amazon sells them in an optional 7 pack for around $225.

Whether you're a music therapist looking to add a reliable drum to your arsenal or an activities coordinator looking for a low cost instrument to use with your residents, check out the Toca Freestyle Djembe!


Toca Freestyle Djembe Drum Review, by Steve Benedetto Toca Freestyle Djembe Drum Review, by Steve Benedetto Reviewed by Respectful Beats™ on Monday, February 19, 2018 Rating: 5

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