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About Respectful Beats™

In 2015, after treading his wheels from a layoff, Steve took on a job as a waiter in a nearby retirement facility. After working there a few months, Steve was asked by his supervisor (who knew he was a drummer) to perform for the residents. Not thinking there would any interest, Steve showed up to the performance to an enthusiastic group of 50+ seniors waiting to hear what was going to happen. The class or workshop created such a positive experience for the residents and Steve was asked back to do the workshop on a continued basis. Perfecting the content and eventually branching out to other facilities, Steve formed Respectful Beats™ to merge his love of performing drums while serving various demographics.
The results have been nothing short of empowering. From Memory Cafe Keynotes, outdoor drum circles to the most challenged of Dementia residents - the power of rhythm beyond ones own self has been witnessed time and time again. In 2017 Respectful Beats™ was chosen for a Phd Icebreaker Workshop at Brandeis University expanding the reach of his message to other types of venues. The mission of the company is to get all walks of life inspired through music by way of rhythm. 
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