5 Ways a Drummer can Volunteer Their Time, by Steve Benedetto

Musicians as artists tend to have a 'serving spirit' as people who are dedicated to nursing, medicine or social work do. A lot of great musicians are activists in favor of different movements like environmental care, animal and human rights, just to name a couple of them.

Within this empathy that musicians possess there is the need to share their talent beyond the stages and recording studios, musicians have within themselves the soul of educators and they’re promoters of the interdisciplinary nature of arts, especially when it comes to music. They are aware of its therapeutic effects and the improvements it can make not only on an individual, personal and even some spiritual aspect, but also in the social sphere.

We have spoken before about the therapeutic effects of drums therapy. On this occasion we’ll talk about how drummers can offer voluntary work in their free time, doing community work is highly edifying for both, the musician and society because living these experiences helps to make significant contributions to the communities, providing solutions to various types of problems or social deficiencies, this in turn can be exploited by the musicians as a personal platform for their work and increase their teaching skills, rest assure that the time that is invested in volunteering always leaves something to learn from.

Here are 5 ways in which drummers can do volunteer work in their free time:

1) Percussion/Drum clinics in universities and conservatories have always being a favorite among professionals and veteran drummers. It is an excellent idea to teach technique to students and novice apprentices, these can have a duration of several days in which apprentices of different levels of instrumental performance can be attended.

2) Do workshops in music based pre-schools, working with children may not sound easy for some, but kids actually love the idea of ​​working with music and instruments and this ensures you they will be entertained and paying attention, to achieve this you can use games of initiation to the drums, songs that teach them how to follow a beat, among other activities, it's just a matter of having imagination and creativity, believe us, with children you can learn more than anyone could think.

3) Workshops in summer camps, it is also an excellent idea, there are musical camps in which you can not only have the chance of educating younger generations but also enjoy the experience of camping and experimenting the art of drums in a completely different background.

4) Participate in rehabilitation centers and music therapy sessions, helping people who are in healing processes whether physical or mental is also highly altruistic. By helping others to regain their health you could also be saving their lives and bringing a new meaning to it for them.

5) To play in churches is an option, probably not very appealing for many, but it’s a valid way to do volunteer work too, if you practice any religion or creed in which music is needed for religious services you can offer to volunteer in the musical group, it also serves to stay in constant practice and you can always learn new things, trust us… no experience comes without some important life lesson.

We hope that these five options will guide you better in your decision when volunteering as a drummer; if you have arrived to this post we congratulate you for your humanitarian and altruistic spirit. Don’t forget that sharing knowledge is a way to be remembered, everything you can contribute to society will be a small contribution you do to make this world a better place.

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