5 Ways a Drummer can Volunteer Their Time, by Steve Benedetto

Musicians tend to have a 'serving spirit' just as people who work in nursing, medicine or social work.  We have spoken before about the therapeutic effect of drums, on this occasion we’ll talk about how drummers can volunteer their free time.  Community work is highly rewarding and can be a great way to serve the greater good.

Here are 5 ways in which drummers can do volunteer work in their free time:

1) Drum clinics at universities and conservatories have always being a favorite among professionals and veteran drummers. It is an excellent idea to teach some original lessons  to students and novice apprentices. These can have a duration of several days.  Check your local university's music program or event planner for specific information.

2) Do workshops in music based pre-schools.  Working with children may not sound easy for some, but kids actually love the idea of drumming. Use games with rhythm, songs that teach them a specific beat or go ahead and demonstrate your favorite groove.   Check with your local school music dept and arrange for a conversation with the band director.

3) Host a workshops at a local VA.  Supporting our veterans is important work and what a better way than through a passion you have as a drummer.   In these settings, it's best to approach the workshop from a place of respect and service. Play some famous military marches through a PA system while demonstrating the drum cadence.  Ask a veteran to try the drum kit or take song requests.

4) Participate in rehabilitation centers and music therapy sessions, helping people who are going through the healing process physical or mental.. By helping these folks regain their health you could also be bringing a new meaning to it for them.  Sensitivity is the key here, we don't want to play "all hands on deck" so to speak.  Think simple beats and a relaxed vibe.

5) Playing in churches is an option and a great way to volunteer work too regardless of what religion you believe. Most church ceremonies have some form of music or group.   Again, dynamics is going to be the main focus and not playing "Tom Sawyer" by RUSH because you figured out the Neil Peart fills. Serve the music and play the appropriate part.  It is very rewarding.

We hope that these five options will guide you better in your decision to volunteer! Don’t forget that any contribution you do to make this world a better place is a good one.  Why not make it something you enjoy!

5 Ways a Drummer can Volunteer Their Time, by Steve Benedetto 5 Ways a Drummer can Volunteer Their Time, by Steve Benedetto Reviewed by Respectful Beats™ on Friday, February 16, 2018 Rating: 5

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