How Does Drumming Effect The Body? by Steve Benedetto

Drumming has been a part of different cultures mainly used for religious rituals, as a way of communication, or for other cultural ceremonies and sporting events. The Shamans used drumming to reach a trance-like state so as to connect with the spirit world. Drumming was also used for therapeutic purposes in ancient times.

Native Americans believe that drumming promotes physical and emotional healing, enhances the immune system, produces feelings of well-being, and makes you smarter.  Today, drumming is seen as a cardio workout. 

Researchers have found that it has a number of positive effects on human health.  Just read on to know the specific studies that demonstrate that drumming helps the body among other benefits.

Why Drumming is Good for you:

Helps in Chronic Pain Control

Drumming can serve as a distraction when it comes to dealing with pain. It boosts the production of endogenous opiates and endorphin's,, which are the body’s natural painkillers.

Puts you in a State of Deep Relaxation

In a recent study, blood samples taken from people who participated in a one-hour drumming session found a reversal in their stress hormones. It proves that it makes us more relaxed.

Makes for a Sense of Connectedness

Drumming classes offer an opportunity for synchronicity which is a state in which you connect with your spirit at a deep level while also linking with like-minded people.

Links your Mind and Body With the Natural World
The Greek word translated as rhythm means to flow. Studies have shown that drumming lets you flow with the rhythm of life by feeling the beat. Drumming moves your awareness to the flow of life. As you flow with rhythm, you can't be caught up in the past or worry about the future.

Enhances the Immune System

Researchers have shown that drumming helps to boost your immune system. A recent study by Barry Bittman, neurologist and President of Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute, found that group drumming increases our natural T-cells, which helps the body fight off cancer and viral infections, including HIV.

Gives you Access to a Higher Power

The Shamans use drumming to integrate the mind, body, and spirit. It focuses on the entire body and incorporates the healing process at both physical and spiritual level.

Strikes Out All Negative Feelings and Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Drumming can be a way to show self-expression. You can drum out all negative emotions. If held on to, negative emotions can result in energy blockages. The physical stimulation that comes from hitting drums can help to remove those obstructions. Additionally, drumming has also been used for therapeutic purposes mainly to help addicts handle their emotions.

Participate in cardio drumming classes and discover how happy it will make you. Studies have shown that, drumming releases endorphin's, Alpha waves, and enkephalins in the brain, all of which are associated with a general feeling of well-being.

Drumming is an accessible form of exercise that burns calories and helps to improve the mood thereby reducing the risk of developing several diseases. A recent Norwegian study involving 25,000 women within the ages of 20-54 who performed leisure exercises for at least 4 hours per week recorded a 37% risk reduction in the development of breast cancer in these women.

Makes for Personal Transformation

Drumming helps to stimulate creative expression. As you drum, you learn how to express yourself. You get to express yourself to other drummers. It is the equivalent therapy. Drumming provides an exclusive means to explore your inner self, and expand your consciousness while also being part of your community.

Makes you Smarter

According to a certain study carried out by E. Glenn Shallenberg and published at University of Toronto, the IQ test scores of children of 6 years of age. The found that children improved significantly after receiving drumming lessons. Recruited for the study, were 144 six-year-old children and split them into four groups: those receiving drama lessons, voice lessons, drum lessons, and no lessons. The children who received the drum lessons exhibited great improvements in their IQ tests, reaching an average of seven IQ points.

Drumming Reduces Stress

Drumming has also been found to reverse multiple elements of human stress responses on a genomic level, and not just reducing. It changes 19 genetic switches that enable the stress response in the development of the common diseases.

Drumming Helps to Combat Depression

According to a scientific study carried out at Stanford University’s School of Medicine involving 30 depressed individuals over the age of 80, found that the participants in weekly music therapy groups became less anxious eventually, and less distressed with a higher self-esteem than before. 

Drumming Promotes Recovery from Stroke and many other health Conditions

The rhythmic cues derived during drumming can help to retrain the brain in individuals recovering from stroke or any other neurological impairments, as reported by the director of the Colorado State University’s Center for Biomedical Research in Music, Michael Thaurt. Also note that researchers have also shown that listening to slow and steady rhythms, like drumbeats, helps people with Parkinson disease to move in a more uniform manner.

Offers Several Positive Effects on your Health

Numerous studies have found that drumming offers several positive effects on the general health of human body. It has been shown to help in a broad range of health conditions including fatigue, anxiety, hypertension, asthma, mental illness, arthritis, drug addiction, and cancer. It is truly a vital way to stay healthy.

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