Drumming As A Meditative Medium, By Steve Benedetto

When you think of meditation, you think of things like yoga, practicing breathing exercises or being alone in nature. Probably the last thing you’d come up with to gain a sense of calmness, is drumming. After all, the old saying "if thy neighbor done you wrong, give each of his children a drum" was created for a reason. But many don’t know that drumming is actually one of the greatest forms of active meditation.

Yes, you read that right, drumming can be super meditative. Despite the fact that this type of meditation involves using sound when many sessions take place in silence, drumming is a fantastic way to meditate.  Meditation (silent or otherwise) and drumming are two activities that allow the person to really get out of the chattering mind, aiming to silence the chaos and put the focus in their hearts. That is where the magic happens... and that is where the music and creativity reside.

A lot of attention is placed on one’s breathing while meditating, and with drumming, the focus is on the spaces within the beats. It’s an active meditation because the rhythm is actively moving,  and the drummer can focus on the pulse, similar to a mantra in meditation.

Mantra based drumming is also really enjoyable and puts the musician in a great state.  It can be used as a means of creative expression or simply a release of built up energy. In the mantra type, you would pick one rhythm and repeat it over and over until it becomes effortless and it 'plays itself'. Some musicians refer to this as a groove or pocket. If you sing the same rhythm or tap on your leg, see if you can repeat it 100 times without deviating from the original rhythm. If your mind ends up wandering, bring it back to the rhythm and begin again.

When you meditate, you let go and completely surrender any thoughts to allow space for silence. When you drum, you shouldn't be thinking either.  Not thinking is highly recommended :)  All of your focus is locked on the the rhythm.  Both practices clear the mind of thoughts, worries and anxiety.

Meditation gets in touch with the inner self, the spirit, and so does drumming. Within the beat, drummers enter the spiritual realm where it's just them and the music. They’re connected on a totally different level, allowing them to relax and reconnect with the inner self.

If you’d like to use drumming as your personal meditation, you should definitely create a special place in your home where you can be comfortable. This should be your designated practice space. Make it a room with inspirational art to invoke a sense of creativity and wellness.

Try this: 

As you’re starting to drum a rhythm, try matching your breathing to the drumming pattern.  Start with a simple pulse, beat or rhythm and then work your way to something faster – oh, and let go of the chatterbox... your thoughts... return back to the rhythm.   You don't necessarily need to have a set time, but continue to drum until you feel content.

God Bless!

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