The Benefits of Concentration, by Steve Benedetto

When you study, work or do anything that requires you to intensely focus, your mind is concentrating. The art and power of concentration is a skill that allows a person to fix their attention on one thing, thought or subject, while at the same time forgetting everything else around them. At that moment in time, that subject, thing or thought is the only thing your mind is focused on. The mind is a powerful thing and the power of concentration allows you to conserve energies so that they aren’t wasted on irrelevant activities or thoughts, which is why developing good concentration skills is important for anyone who wants to have a more efficient life.

Concentration is key for every type of success and without it you’d be a scattered brain. You’d be forgettable and won’t be able to get things done and will certainly never be able to reach your goals. Because you need to accomplish things in your everyday lives, concentration helps you get there. But it’s more than just helping you get through your To Do list and can help when studying, increases your comprehension and memory and makes tasks or jobs easier to get done.

When you’ve mastered the power of concentration, your mind obeys you and doesn’t go into side thoughts, negative thoughts or worries. This helps play an important role in meditation and spirituality, allowing you to de-stress and relax more, which is also great for your body. Concentration helps you attain peace of mind when your life gets too chaotic.

Without comprehension, your mind would jump from one thought to another and won’t allow you to properly meditate or think clearly. But like all things in life, you have to practice and train to be more focused. Exercising your concentration is easy if you are committed to training it to really focus, which is what many do when they partake in things like yoga or meditation.

Aimless thoughts are part of life and are something that’s natural in our brains, which is why we need to work at exercising the power of concentration. When you lack concentration, you can’t sit still and focus on the job or task at hand. Instead you have interruptions and this can hinder your ability to do something. With training, you can control your attention and focus.

Exercises for better concentration

To have better concentration, you have to train your mind to master it. You have to tell your brain who is boss and become its master. Here are some exercises that will help with your concentration:

1.Count backwards

Count backwards in you head from 100 to 1. You’ll find it easy at first, but then it will get harder to concentrate as you decrease the numbers.

2. Repeating 

Choose one word or phrase and repeat it in your head for five minutes. If you can get to five minutes easily, increase that time limit to 10.

Believe it or not, but drumming can greatly increase your concentration. Drumming leads to greater cognitive functioning and will help if you allow yourself to concentrate on what you are playing at the moment.  Since it helps you focus on the moment, you’ll learn on to better concentrate on what you’re doing, which is important for many senior patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. 

Here is a cool puzzle game book for also developing concentration.  (Affilated via

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