Drumming and Circulation, by Steve Benedetto

Playing an instrument and staying healthy simultaneously; sounds fantastic, doesn't it? While many health professionals agree that exercise is still one of the best activities in preventing certain types of sickness, there are experts around the world who, the moment they sense the impact of exercise, started conducting a deep study on the health impacts and benefits of playing drums. But,you might think: "what can just one hour of drumming do to my body?" Well, let's find out.

What Drumming Really Does for Your Body

1. Improves Blood Circulation - Just a one hour drumming session keeps your heart rate up. This produces a great improvement to your entire immune system. Blood flows to your muscles, carrying nutrient-rich oxygen; your joints and muscles become flexible; and, at the same time, your back gets a great workout. Constant body movement ensures your body gets new white blood cells; keeping you secure from several forms of diseases and viruses. 

2. Drumming Alleviates Stress- Playing drums help reduce or eliminate anger, stress and depression. Stress-fighting hormone, estrogen, gets activated in your system the moment you start an exciting activity like playing drums. Playing dynamically on the drums gives you the opportunity of re-routing your frustration and anger in a very positive way. Naturally, our body releases stress through different types of activities like: singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. Drums as well as other percussion instruments help us get back in-tune with our normal, natural self by tapping to our inner sense of rhythm. 

Playing drums give us the opportunity to be more focused, creative and coordinated. When you are drumming, particularly drum set players, four limbs are doing different rhythms at the same time! This cannot be done with other instruments. This activity also engages your right and left brain for a complete mental workout; preventing brain atrophy and its adverse effects.

3. Playing the Drums Make you More Sociable- Playing the drums make you to become sociable, productive and open-minded. Playing drums attracts other musicians and drummers to take a look at you. Being a senior citizen, you tend to spend your free time with other senior citizens, playing drums and reminiscing on past moments together.

4. Helps control chronic pain- Drumming can certainly serve as a “pain eliminator”. While drumming, endorphin's and endogenous opiates are produced which are the body’s own morphine-like painkillers.

5. Drumming aligns your body and mind with the natural world- Drumming gives you the opportunity to flow with the 'rhythms of life' by simply enjoying the beat.

6. Playing the drums puts you in the present moment- When drumming, your awareness is centered towards the flow of life. You can’t be trapped in your past.

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