The Numerous Benefits of Drumming, by Steve Benedetto

Music is beneficial for a number of reasons. After all, it’s a universal language everyone on the planet can understand, transcending things like race, age and so much more. No matter what types of music you prefer to listen to, everyone has that one song that they can relate to, calms them down in stressful situations, makes them happy when they’re sad or causes them to remember a moment in their life.

Although music in general has many healing properties, at the very heart of it all is a solid beat that allows the harmonies, melodies and vocals to really shine through. A drum can help you intensify a workout, help you slow dance and do so much more, which is why the form of drumming is a musical staple for rituals in practically every culture on the planet. Learning to drum is more than just providing the beat in a band – it’s about improving one’s quality of life regardless if their dream is to be a rock star or not. Many are unaware of the benefits of drumming and are a few to know↓

1.Distracts from tension and anxiety

For those who suffer from anxiety, drumming can be very therapeutic since it helps distract you from any tension since it’s a physical activity. Its repetitive motions can also be relaxing and meditative, further helping one relax. After one session, many who deal with anxiety have felt calmer and less tense than when they started. 

2.Diminishes stress

Life is crazy and hectic, causing us to experience stress in our everyday lives. To help reduce stress, many like to listen to soothing and calming music. But studies have shown that playing the drums can also lower blood pressure, thus decreasing a person’s stress with every beat they create.

3.Distraction from pain

If you’re physically able to play drums, you can play away your pain since it serves as a distraction from your pain. And since drumming tends to release endorphins like when you exercise, your body is now producing a natural painkiller. And the more you drum, the more you’re body will be distracted from the constant pain, providing you with a drug-free way to control it

4. Emotional support

Just as endorphins help naturally alleviate your body’s pain, it can also help get you in a better mood. Endorphins are your body’s feel-good chemicals that your brain releases, helping lift your spirit. Drumming is one such activity that helps release endorphins so you’ll instantly be in a good mood the moment you start hitting the drum with a stick. It also provides emotional support since it releases negative feelings. Drum therapy is often prescribed for patients who suffer from emotional trauma like PTSD since the sound vibrations and physical stimulation helps those combat negative or traumatic events or experiences.

5. Boost clarity for the mind

Drumming has been very successful with elderly and Alzheimer’s patients since it supports clarity of the mind. The predictability of the rhythm of the drums helps promote positive cognitive responses among elderly patients and those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study in the Journal of Music Therapy, drumming also helps these types of patients better connect with family and loved ones when it’s incorporated into their daily routine. Although drumming isn’t a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, it can help pause the progression of it and help patients reconnect with their family.

What is a good beginner drum to start practicing with?   

I like this one for seniors and other groups.  It's easy for them to hold and not too heavy.  Very durable and enough of a sound to get into a groove.
Toca Freestyle Djembe 

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